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For Pharmacist
For Authorised Compounders

User Story:
Edwin is an old talented doctor who has lot of patients daily, but due to his age he cant able to remember the medicine names because of the of vendors, Sometimes he gives the wrong medicine he for to consider the age group

Pain Points:
In today's world sometimes doctor mistakenly giving the medicine it will create a big problem in career and to the hospital, Also he has to write the each time when different patient came to his room it consumes lot of his energy and time

Design Solution:
I have made the app concept in which users can able

Filter down the medicine by
Based on weight
Based on the price
Based on the vendors

After the filter down, we will showcase him a "Fever Pack" For Example its most used pack to solve fever, also a list of medications. If he selects one medicine, we will give him an option to select for number of days number of time in a day, After that, he clicks the check option, using our doctor database we fetch the recent customer and showcase them, so that he can just click the recent patient, therefore, the medicine get order directly to that patient


The patient won't skip the medicine she has to buy the medicine if she wants to reduce he have to ask the doctor

Privacy of medicine name got maintained since the doctor directly order the medicine to the vendor so it beneficially to the vendor and the doctor

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