Josh Ackerman

Lock Screen Concept V3

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Lock Screen Concept V3 privacy vector os vector paper design notifications lock screen concept os concept operating system concept blck os blckos blck

Over the summer I developed ML algorithm to identify sensitive data in text, one application of this that I think is particularly cool is enhanced lock screen privacy. Potentially sensitive data can be redacted on the lock screen until the user authenticates their identity, ensuring that when you send a potentially sensitive message to another party that they (and not their nosy friend closer to the phone) are reading it.

Additionally I’m beginning to work with the idea that notifications can be more dynamic and interactive allowing large graphics like photos, or real time data like maps to be displayed. Although these notifications take up more space, an ML-driven organisation system will present the user with the most urgent notifications first, and organising repeat notifications by apps (not shown) will make them even easier to discover than before.

The mockup used in this shot is a modified version of Alex Sol’s cool concept phone which you can download here:

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