Rebranding a company can be a very difficult and tricky task, but it is one that I have actually come to enjoy quite a bit. You get to take something that has been around a while and make it brand new again. Breathe a little life back into it if you will, while respecting where it came from. But knowing where it's going is equally important. I think a lot of times people get caught up in thinking that their logo needs to say everything about them in one look, and maybe that is true for some, but when it comes to product design I definitely think that simple, flexible, and functional takes the day! And if you can slide clever in there as well, then you just might get the perfect pairing!

I am really excited to show everyone more of the work I have been doing with Karma Vineyards and how I used these simple marks to brand their amazing products with heritage and quality while playing second fiddle to the fun and whimsical label artwork. - Tron


Tron Burgundy
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