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Inventory Management

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Moka Inventory Management is the first big feature that I got when working in Moka POS, it allow users to sync, manage, and track their item inventory in Moka Back-office to Moka client (iPad, Tablets). Moka Inventory Management was designed to provide an easy-to-use user experience with simple interface, but powerful management. It allows users to setup and track their products in minutes, and runs in the cloud so it is accessible from any devices, anytime and anywhere.

Moka Inventory Management consist of 5 components, they are:

✔ Summary: Summarize the movement of inventory from the beginning, incoming, sold, transferred, adjusted stock, to the ending stock of items in certain period of time.

✔ Suppliers: Create a supplier profile to be used in Purchase Order (PO) activity.

✔ Purchase Orders (PO): Create purchase orders based on restock requirement, input unit cost to be calculated to cost of goods sold (COGS).

✔ Transfer: Transfer your stock from one outlet/location to another seamlessly.

✔ Adjustment: Missing stock? Users can readjust the stock quantity to match with the current stock in the warehouse.

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