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Persona - User research

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Persona - User research ux user research persona

Now in Toronto the number of cyclists has been progressively growing as all transit network improves. The city bicycle culture strengthen meanwhile other alternatives such as cars or TTC network are seen as less attractive.

A bicycle is the smallest vehicle on the road. It is important, therefore, for cyclists to be visible, to ride predictably, to know how traffic works, and to communicate with other road users. Another critical thing is to be careful all the time from bike thieves, specially in downtown or crowded areas.

They need to feel safe all the time (rush or late night hours particularly), but they don't.

Besides that he City of Toronto has a number of on-going safety campaigns (like CAN-Bike program) to encourage awareness of cycling safety issues and offer basic insurance packages, we think this is definitely not enough.

How we can help cyclists feel more safe in Toronto through design?

Note: This Persona was designed thanks to interviews and surveys in a range of 15 cyclist, all living in Toronto city area.

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