User Testimonials Page Design for Marketing Website

This is a version of a marketing website we did for a client of ours that shall remain nameless. The business provides a full stack of digital marketing services that match the needs of small and medium-sized businesses alike.

Goals: creating a user testimonials page to show how users have benefited from marketing services provider. The requirements were for it to be vibrant and "live", using a lot of graphic content. Something we had to pay great attention to was the customer journey on the page and the entire website in general, so people could actually find what they were looking for. And we all know what that is - helping them solve their problems or fulfill their need.

Approach: We jumped at crafting effective needs statements after talking to our client. We discussed their target audience, created their user cases, and based our structure off of that. References to websites utilizing heavy gradients and custom content were the springboard for our decision making in UI design, as that was the feel that the client wanted their website to have, so we humbly followed.

Solution: After studying the target audience, researching various references, thinking out the customer journey map, we ended up with a live and vibrant website, that showcases the business solutions provided by the client of ours, and that speaks to the target audience, who are mostly tech-savvy people.

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