Our vision for our product "to be the favorite tool of people growing and managing networks" has been really important within and beyond our design team.

It seems pretty simple on the surface but there are a few really important words and meanings in there.

We understand that our product may not be used every day by our customers. It made little sense to position our vision around "can't-live-without-it" concepts. What we do want to do is ensure that people really *want* to use it - that their interactions with it would be positive, favorable and always making dull or previously time-consuming tasks, well, delightful.

For us, this, of course, means never compromising on satisfying our customers' needs. It also keeps us focused on the details: the microcopy, the errors and empty states, the messaging that goes on outside the app, big and small interactions and transitions. We are always looking for opportunities to delight.

The other key thing in here is the use of the word "people". This might seem like a no-brainer but we are dealing in a space that has been traditionally dominated by hard-core-techy network engineers and products have been designed accordingly. Not only do we see our app being used by a much larger audience than this, but we want to keep everyone focused on the human element... always asking for our app to do and say what a helpful human would.

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