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honeygrow Fulton Market Menu Boards

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honeygrow Fulton Market Menu Boards honeygrow fruit paint pen menu restaurant type illustration paint hand lettering signage lettering

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honeygrow is a super delish restaurant based in Philly. After they set a plan to open up in Chicago, their Chief Brand Officer Jen Denis reached out to me to connect with CreativeMornings/Chicago, since they lovingly support CreativeMornings/Philadelphia already. Amazing, no? It gets better. Jen then asked me if I'd be interested in lettering their menu boards, so of course, I had to say yes and here we are.

Let me tell you, working with these folks has been such a wonderful experience. They're a bunch of awesome people who care about making delicious, healthy, locally-sourced food who genuinely care about people and take great care of their teams. I'm so grateful to have been able to work with them on their menu boards and to work with them for future CreativeMornings events! honeygrow in Fulton Market officially opens on Friday and I can't wait!

PS: A million thanks to @Amy Ginn who helped me with logistics, laying lines, cleaning lines and overall emotional support during this project. This would have been so much more work and likely wouldn't have gotten done in time without her help. I can't believe I get to marry this woman in less than a couple months. đź’–

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