Tracking Dashboard for Personal Fitness Studio

This is a dashboard overview page we made together with a fitness studio that specializes in personal functional training.

Goal: The business offers training sessions that involve body exercises for activities performed in a daily life. Our goal was to transmit the idea of “fitness for real life situations” to the dashboard that will be adaptable and customizable for gym-goers and sport-lovers.

Approach: In the beginning of a design process, we made all of the uncertainties clear, so in the end, we would focus on a single point of clarity. We conducted Q/A sessions with the client, as well as interviewed several fitness trainers and trainees.

Solution: We came up with a dashboard that demonstrates data after each session and a plan for an upcoming week. We placed the workout task schedule on the dashboard for convenient planning. The ability to mark accomplished tasks adds to the motivation. Unique real-time histogram ascertains the body condition and tracks the workout progress.

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