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In 72 hours, I formed a team with 5 total strangers to tackle a specific problem for at the Hackathon - All Women Edition. The problem we chose to solve was the pain and hassle of organizing group trips.

Through user research, we found that coordinating budgets, schedules and everyone's preferences were the biggest pain points in organizing a group trip. So we created a survey for the group trip organizer to gather inputs, and will suggest the organizer 3 top hotels that meet the group's needs best.

Introducing Group Booking Tool, helping you experience the world with people who matter!

See how it works (Invision Prototype)

Things we had to take in consideration: the existing style guide, time constraints, feasibility to launch the feature on ASAP, and value for the business.

I designed all the UX UI from hotel recommendation page, survey page (organizer view and participant view) and email notifications.

Although we didn't win, I'm proud of what we accomplished and how our team was able to come together to solve a difficult problem in only 72 hours.

Team Rebellamma: Kimberley (Product Owner), Allison (Back-end), Linnea (Copywriter), Mariyam (Back-end), Balganym (Front-end), me (UX, UI).

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