Quality Scoring - Netflix Localization Platform

At Netflix we work with language specialists (freelancers and vendors) that translate some of your favorite movies and shows in 25 different languages for 100M+ members in 190 countries. Those are some serious numbers! To create the best local user experience at scale for a global audience we had to rely less on third party software and double down on building out our own localization platform.


To ensure quality translations from our freelancers and vendors we designed a tool that allowed our in-house linguists to preview and score translated metadata (season labels, episodic titles, main titles, synopses, cast names, etc.) for movies and shows on our service.

Freelancers and vendors who maintain high quality scores receive high priority titles and more work through an automated workflow for their specific language.


We're also looking for a Product Designer to join us on the Content Platform Engineering team to help design and build out a suite of internal tools for operations. Check the link for more details: https://jobs.netflix.com/jobs/864946

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