A Happy New Year | Clean

A happy new year clean

… as promised, a clean and affectionate »Happy New Year« to our highly respected »dribble ladies«!

MAY YOUR NEW YEAR BE creative, inventive, fertile, innovative, ingenious, productive, visionary, artistic, imaginative, prolific, successful, profitable, auspicious, fortunate, efficacious, lucky, blossoming, prosperous, fruitful, flourishing, booming, lucrative, fortuitous, rolling, moneymaking, outstanding, victorious, wealthy, strong, thriving, rewarding, triumphant, notable, advantageous, glorious, happy, splendid, remarkable, exalted, blessed, blissful, blithe, captivated, cheerful, chipper, chirpy, contented, convivial, delighted, ecstatic, elated, exultant, flying high, gleeful, gratified, jolly, joyful, joyous, jubilant, laughing, light, lively, merry, mirthful, on cloud nine, overjoyed, peaceful, peppy, perky, playful, pleasant, pleased, sparkling, sunny, thrilled, tickled, healthy, active, all right, firm, full of life, hale, hardy, healthful, hearty, in good shape, in the pink, lusty, rosy-cheeked, safe and sound, stout, strong, sturdy, unimpaired …

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