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Type is Beautiful (TIB) is a media plan for text design and visual culture. A series of media, mainly in the form of website, focuses on the topics of typography, typography, graphic design, public design, technology and visual culture. As a reader of TIB, this site provides me with a lot of knowledge about typography. Because of the limitations of the web, such as the inefficient navigation structure, I have the idea of designing a client for TIB. The client has an efficient navigation structure and a better way of interacting than a web page. And I want to make the TIB client even better, and TIB can be more versatile on the client side, becoming a better font community.

Type is Beautiful (以下简称 TIB)是一个关于文字设计和视觉文化的媒体计划。主要是以网站的形式发布一系列媒体,关注的话题包括字体、排版、平面设计、公共设计、技术和视觉文化。作为 TIB 的读者,这个网站为我提供了很多关于字体排印的知识。由于网页的各种限制,比如低效的导航结构,让我有为 TIB 设计一个客户端的念头。相比网页,客户端拥有高效的导航结构和更棒的交互方式。而且我想让 TIB 客户端变得更棒,TIB 能在客户端上实现更多功能,成为一个更好的字体社区。

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