Tyler Ulis Identity

Coach John Calipari once said his former 5'9" point guard, Tyler Ulis, has the heart of a lion. This phrase has actually been with Tyler long since before playing at Kentucky. It originated during his days at Marian Catholic High School in Chicago. He might be small, but he plays with an aggression. I was fortunate to work with the Ulis family on a visual identity.

The initials TU presented a beautiful opportunity to create a simple, abstract lion symbol. The identity aligns with Tyler's high school color palette, where he first began his high-level basketball journey. Instead of using #8, which is his current Phoenix Suns number, the mane has 3 points representing his favorite number (which was his number in high school, AAU and Kentucky. His dad swears he'll get that number back one day as its still his twitter account @TUlis3).

The lion symbol will be paired with bold typography to reflect his bold presence on the court and consistently represent the Ulis foundation, brand and various other business ventures.

As a Kentuckian and basketball lover, this was a fun project.

Accolades: 2018 Clio Sports Awards Shortlist, 2018 PRINT Regional Design Annual

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