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On this page, Rapp offers information about the chosen appointment and corresponding client. Rapp also offers the options to write a report, to edit the appointment's time, to select the way communication took place and to select a product which suits the nature of the appointment.

The product is chosen from a structure which is commonly used in Dutch mental healthcare to label client contact and/or treatment. This product structure features over a hundred products with corresponding codes. Rapp features a user friendly way of finding the right product, as seen on the next screen.

After selecting a product, Rapp automatically selects a possible contact type. Contact type contains: email, face-to-face, telephone, no-show and more behind the round yellow button.
The user reviews the selected contact type, edits if necessary, and writes a report about the chosen product (so essentially about the appointment).

After the user's done, the information can be saved for later review and edits, or be approved for definitie registration. Both options bring the user back to the agenda screen.

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