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A Pokemon Summer: Corsola

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A Pokemon Summer: Corsola illustration blue wallpaper pokeball bubble ocean coral corsola summer time summer pokemon go pokemon

I continue "A Pokemon Season" series with summer. Corsola, maybe not the first water Pokemon when you think about summer. It's even half-water Pokemon; oddly, a Water-Rock type. But its cuteness persuaded me to use it on summer illustration. So, here it is!

As the Corsola reference, I used "HeartGold & SoulSilver 37" Oddish card's artwork from Pokemon TCG.

You can download it as wallpaper for your devices at Susam Creative's blog. Here is the link.

A Pokemon Season Series
- A Pokemon Spring: Oddish
- A Pokemon Summer: Corsola
- A Pokemon Fall-oween: Pumpkaboo
- Winter will be published on around January

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