Task Tracking App Concept

Working on a task tracking app (concept) as an experiment.
This shot is the main screen where you add tasks.

#What I wanted to do:
- Easy to keep track of your tasks
- Reduce the amount of taps and inputs
- A simple looks

#About The Yellow Button:
It’s a FAB kind of button which takes you to the input screen on the left.

#About The Quick Add Buttons:
The buttons next to the yellow buttons are the quick-add-buttons.
They allow you to start to keep track of your task with just a single tap.
- Tasks you added to the list become the quick-add-buttons.
- Chronological order
(The latest task you added comes right next to the yellow buttons. )
- You can swipe the buttons left and right

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Posted on Jul 11, 2017
Hilo Iwanami

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