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In most cases, anytime a design team starts a new project, they start at the middle. The middle is where all the action is. It's where users go to get things done. In the middle, the user already knows what this brand new thing is and why it's useful. Everything "just makes sense." And so design teams huddle around the whiteboard and start crafting ideas around this "just makes sense" point.

Starting in the middle is not a problem. The problem is design teams often sprint full speed ahead from the middle and forget to the design the beginning (i.e, onboarding). And this is a big problem. Onboarding and new user experience(s) are two of the most impactful moments in any product. Starting or trying a new thing has so much built-in friction from the onset, it's critical design teams think deeply about onboarding and the first use-cases new users will perform when they sign-up.

To help, we put together this onboarding UI Kit. It consists of 3 common onboarding UI patterns: tooltips, welcome overlays and modals. Feel free to use it on your personal or professional work.

Download onboarding UI kit: http://bit.ly/quantionboarding
Medium article: http://bit.ly/designbetteronboarding

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