Mixpanel - Scrolling Form Landing Page

Hello Dribbble! I'm sooo pumped to join the community, and I can't wait to start contributing on the regular!

We have a ton of awesome stuff coming your way here at Mixpanel... In the meantime, I wanted to just jump right in:

This is a landing page for users who click on paid advertising. Since it's super important to get conversions from this, I wanted to test having the signup form follow the content. I also wanted to invoke a familiar feel to our current index page, borrowing from the awesome library we have here (shout outs to @Julien Renvoye and @Mason Yarnell) - So I made this quick mock to get the idea across. Attached you can see a mobile and non scrolling version.

Expect to see a ton more stuff coming to you soon. As I get into the community I would love to see/comment on as many other people's work as I can.

Thanks again!

Posted on Jul 11, 2017

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