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  1. Chuck Killorin Chuck Killorin

    Main navigation for a site I launched about 8 months ago for the book "The Map of Time"

    over 2 years ago

  2. Christophe Tauziet Christophe Tauziet

    Very nice ! Welcome to Dribbble !

    over 2 years ago

  3. Mike Yorke Mike Yorke

    Nice shot!

    over 2 years ago

  4. Chuck Killorin Chuck Killorin

    Thank you, Sirs! Much appreciated. :)

    over 2 years ago

  5. Karen Mareš Karen Mareš

    Nice work! Welcome to Dribbble. :)

    over 2 years ago

  6. Chuck Killorin Chuck Killorin

    Thanks Karen, happy to be here :)

    over 2 years ago

  7. This is the Twitter popup for the main nav of the Map of Time site. When the user clicks the Twitter icon, they can view the latest tweet in the "Time Mapper's" handwriting (using Google Webfonts).

    over 2 years ago

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