Augmented Reality Medical Prototype

I found myself recovering from emergency surgery this week, my appendix had to go! There I was sitting in my bed, I had just woke up after my first ever surgery and I felt like I didn't have the full picture of what had been done to me, how I was doing, what was next. I stared at the whiteboard, trying to decipher the scribble marks from what I assumed were a nurse or doctor, I stared at the machines hooked up next to me, and the bracelet around my arm. I really wanted that bracelet that had a barcode, my name, etc on it to tell me more. So I worked through some exploration of augmented reality in my hospital room, specifically focused on augmenting the medical bracelet displaying my info. There's so much more I would like to explore with the full view of the patient card, animations, data and interactive points, but here’s my first crack at a prototype.

Design Lead @ Headway.

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