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You map

After over a year of design and development, YouMap has launched to the world!

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Download in the Apple App Store here:

โ€ข Share whatโ€™s on your mind
โ€ข Customize your post with MapMojisโ„ข
โ€ข Stay informed with real-time updates from your community
โ€ข See whatโ€™s going on no matter where you are in the world.
โ€ข Use channels to filter your feed and search within the network

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Huge thank you and congrats go to the @RALLY team both past and present for working on this. @Adam Luptak, clark Allen, @Geof Crowl @Jim DeBrock

We look forward to what the YouMap, Inc. team does with the product as we transition it over to them. They are also hiring product managers, designers, and full-stack developers. Hit them up! โ€”

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