Forensics and Financial Crime! Did we grab your attention, yet?

You wouldn't guess, by the looks of the screens we present here that's what this application is all about, right? Doesn't mean it isn't serious business, but we managed to create this nifty-looking PoC for a customer's remediation's projects in those highlighted areas up there.

The screens we prototyped are part of a Case Management Tool, in which analysts can compare system data versus a set of reference data to determine whether a specific case is a false positive or not.

In order to accelerate that process, when you're running against pressing deadlines, everyone needs the right set of information for each level of responsibility, to make sure decisions are informed and well-formed. You know, to make sure analysts can quickly identify those false positives, within a large volume of information, or when those situations should actually be pursued, or help management identify when there are areas or regions which are at risk or are concerning.

We hope you enjoy this PoC, another great example of our UX/UI team working hand-in-hand to produce great looking, yet truly functional applications that do what they should be doing to start with: making people's jobs (and lives!) that much easier.

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