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Hello guys,

Amazing news! It's been 1 week since I was part of Hack4Good competition where teams try to come up with a technology based solution to help with the 'Refugee Global Crisis'. The challenge? It has to be done under 32 hours and solve one the issues related to this.

There are many ways to impact this solution. The issues range all the way from health to social exclusion.

My team and I decided to work around the social side of things. Share Your Meal is set to be a platform where local families can host meals with refugee or immigrant families that match them in certain criteria (ie: period of free time, city, food restrictions). If you want to learn more about Hack4Good and Share Your Meal check this news article.

We scored 2nd place in this friendly competition but to me it is just as good as scoring 1st place given the context of Hack4Good. The deliverables we had after 32 hours were full wireframes, high and low fidelity and a live beta version of the product made using @OutSystems low-code platform.

Here I leave you with a snapshot of this winner project I designed, with a few dribbble tweaks. Maybe it inspires your next work. Or maybe it helps you understand how UI and UX can really impact the world.

As always, stay frisky and don't forget to hit that "L" button. 💜💛

Posted on Jul 1, 2017
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