David Leøng

Concept Landing Page for Fujifilm.com Animation

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Concept Landing Page for Fujifilm.com Animation website desktop daily ui sketch principle interaction design photography fujifilm landing page

Daily UI 003: landing page. In addition to being a designer, I am also an avid photographer, and I love my Fujifilm camera gear. Unfortunately their existing website is rather clunky: http://www.fujifilmusa.com/products/digital_cameras/index.html

I decided to redesign the landing page in a way that would make me interested if I was a potential customer. I also simplified the navigation to put the three most popular product categories first, then the other necessary subcategories. Because Fujifilm is a global company with a large international influence, I also included the language toggle at the top to improve accessibility. The search bar will also be easily found.

I only designed this one page, but I had the next page in mind when designing the call-to-action, and that would be a page showing multiple featured products with more details on each, including elements like videos, quotes, reviews, etc.

This is the final result of several wireframes, iterations, and user testing. Created using Sketch and Principle.

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