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Hi Friends,
Today I am publishing a series of app screens that together make up the beginning of 'Programme,' a design language I have been designing to highlight simplicity. This is version 'Zero,' this is the work in progress - or foundation for the official release at the end of the year. (For those who saw the previous post prior, this version comes with some modifications, and also releasing the work on a more appropriate date.)

Programme Larger
Programme Smaller
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For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to design a system of user interfaces that together create a cohesive environment. In this first step into realizing a style of design I have focused on layout and the principles of simplicity. The designs are divided into a series of screens ranging from Social, Email, Commerce, Music and iOT. This release is meant to create excitement for the future of ‘Programme.’

The first release of Programme will be available in the later phases of the year 2017, with it comes a new typeface, and motion design principles whereas this is focused on layout. (Moreover this is a work in progress of a much larger and complete vision)
Last year I released the product ‘Rover,’ which had the foundation of what you see here today. This product did remarkably well, amassing a total of 40 million registered users and a 30 million dollar acquisition. The ambition of this language is to bring that level of success to more products.

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