Jolley & Maplin

Jolley   maplin

An oldie and one of my first identity designs, so it has sentimental value. I were a young lad then, all but 6 years ago barely knew my way around illustrator. *sad ambient music plays*... I had to walk 15 MILES to school and a nickel could buy me my lunch with enough left over to ride the tram down to Old Saint Kirks!.

Anyway, It was for a catering company that was exclusively for garden parties and weddings. I hand drew the logo then vectored it. I did the stationary range in Quark? ...Quark! bwahaha! It was supposed to represent a placemat, a plate with some food on it (subtle heart...see it?), cutlery, wine glass etc.

Anyway, something different than video game stuff for once!.

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