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Alim Maasoglu
Alim Maasoglu

Aloha 👋

Today you can see a sneak peak into our current project and also my first interaction created with After Effects. I'm building with a collective of friends an application based on my previous exploration of earlier designs.

A little bit about this project - Wayfarer
I had this idea always in my head since 2014. Think of an app where you can explore places, look up any essential informations and plan your trip. But not only that, you can also look on the map and see fellow travellers near you, chat and eventually met them on your way to your next destination. Since I really love travelling and meet new people I thought it would be amazing creating something that opens new possibilties for us travellers. Honestly I really don't know how long it is going to take to release a beta version of this, but I'm sure a prototype is going to be available in a few months. I don't want to release something crappy, so I will take some time & work on this as long as I find it is needed. An app created by the community for the community.


So here we are.. I need still some time to finish the rest of the design and branding. In the meantime be sure to follow up and keep tuned. I may be able to release more this week, screens or even more interactions. If not this week then for sure next one. By the way a bigger view is available in the attachments so check it out.

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Posted on Jun 21, 2017
Alim Maasoglu
Alim Maasoglu
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