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Hi all, I am excited to show you more of Together app – a project I worked on with @Marc Krejci for Venture CC. It's a group learning app that lets you deeply connect with others around topics that matter.

Events tab provides you with an overview of all the events your group got going on - anything from weekly group meetings to one-on-ones. I strived to make this feature simple, easy to use, visually pleasing and ready for multiple usecases.

As you can see the UI was heavily inspired by Apple Music and Apple News design language introduced in iOS 10. I believe it will fit really well with the new iOS 11. 😊 More of this is coming out really soon.

Share your thoughts! Constructive feedback goes long way. 😉


Check out the full pixels!

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Posted on Jun 20, 2017
Phil Amour
I design digital products that transform people’s lives.

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