Guillaume Galante

Travel Planner App

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One exciting part of going on a trip is planning. I love planning trips, really.
I've been looking for the perfect app that makes it easy to add hotels, flights, activities, locations & display everything in a clean visual way. The app syncs with all the different travel booking platform (Airbnb,, Uber, Airlines, etc...). This UI allows me to see where I can add activities on one day, if I forgot to book an hotel for one night & share the planning with my friends or family travelling with me.
Most travel website focuses on one location & then let's you plan according to this specific city, most of the time this is not useful for me since I visit several location during the trip & therefore I need to have an overview of all locations & how I get from one to another.

I have lots of ideas of what could be the perfect travel planner app, I will probably design future UI on that subject. :)

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