Ableton Live Redesign - Browser Right Click

UPDATE: Giving back to the community!
You can now download all the PSDs from my GitHub page: or directly from my website:


Browser Right Click. Read about my @Ableton Live Redesign here:


Expanded Browser should enable easier and more efficient organization of samples, presets, devices, and plug-ins. The Favorites section on the left side is for the favorite items used frequently. The Recent section is a list of all recently used items of any type, tags, folders, plug-ins, samples, presets…

Sample/Plug-in Type column helps in distinguishing and sorting by the type of search result. Tempo, Key, and Scale are very helpful in searching for a sample or perfect loop. For a useful rating system, I suppose item rating should be set by the user and not by the application based on the frequency of use. Besides rating and favorites, there’s tagging and color-coding tools for the organization as well.

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