And the Kleptopus King

And the kleptopus king

Turns out there's already a game in the App Store called Mimeo (a Simon-clone, grr) so I'm squatting on "Mimeoverse" as the app name which will allow for sequels of the same name without forcing the dread ellipses on your home screen.

New to the ensemble, the Grimp Reaper, a flying variant of the standard Grimp, and a tweaked Jelly sprite renamed Jellyfist, a water enemy (with fists on the ends of his tendrils!) that spins when Mimeo approaches.

If you think doing the title screen before the game is finished is getting ahead of myself, I already have a name for the sequel: Mimeo and the Order of Octet (where his remaining minions attempt to put the Kleptopus King back together). Then there's the spin-off: Gaido's Gaiden. All occurring in the Mimeoverse.

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