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Syarikat Islam - Website Redesign

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Syarikat Islam - Website Redesign organization islam islamic webssite ui landingpage redesign website syarikat islam

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Hello dribbble! #KamiSukaDribbble #JumatBerkah

a few months ago my team and I worked on redesign the website for a historical organization in Indonesia, Called Syarikat Islam or Syarikat Dagang Islam. This is an economic organization based on Islam and the people's economy as the basis for its mobilization.

SDI was the first organization to be born in Indonesia at 16 Oktober 1905, originally an organization formed by Haji Samanhudi. Until now, Syarikat Islam still run a Movement of economic da'wah. Through the website redesign, This organization is well and widely known by Muslims young traders in Indonesia.

At the earlier when the project began I had some problem, It’s because there are only a few design assets. It’s pushed me to did many explorations during creating this website. Discuss with @Caesar Aldhela and @Agris Wiseptya to make this redesigned website perfecto ciamso!

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