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Workstream X Brochure Website

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We're overhauling our campaign management system, Workstream, which is used by many of our clients with a footprint of 72 countries, in over 5000 retail locations.

For the launch, we needed a landing page that would excite clients and prospects alike, whilst communicating the key USPs and creating a strong, modern brand. We branded the new system 'Workstream X' and created a new colour palette and aesthetic.

In the building of the landing page, I had to make sure that the product was explained well to those with no prior knowledge, whilst communicating the key differences to those who were already familiar with the old system. I thought a lot about what key information we wanted a visitor to understand in a 30 second browse of the website, and then prioritised this information into the flow of the page. User testing was carried out which highlighted some bits of information that weren't being communicated well, and we moved some of those info higher up the page, and refined the page to be extremely minimalist overall. By using autoplay MP4s, we were able to communicate a lot of system information without having to use many words, and we found the movement from the MP4s brought the site to life.

I worked with our front-end developer to create a site using Jekyll, connected up to Siteleaf CMS.

Check out the full site at www.workstreamx.com

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