Rebranding my first logotype - Dunasys


This project is quite special. I'm actually in the process of rebranding my first logotype. I worked for Dunasys back when I was a student in Digital Project Management. This is the time when I made the decision to orient myself to brand design rather than project management.

As a student work, it has many many flaws and is fairly questionable. I was quite surprised and excited when Dunasys contacted to take a look back on my work and see if we could update it. I'll be surely busy with this project the next few month as I was asked to work on identity, print, packaging, web design, merchandising, complete signage of the new building, well pretty much "The Whole Package" :)

Here's an early concept following two specifications requested by the client : keeping necessarily the shape of the pictorial element and slightly refining type.

Any comments welcomed

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