Will Mejia

Barrel Brothers // The BrotherMaker Double IPA

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Barrel Brothers // The BrotherMaker Double IPA beer branding branding craft beer beer can tallboy can brother packaging label brewery

Yeah brother...this is the beer you drink when friends become family...but look out at 8.8% you might end up with some unplanned pregnancies.

This label was a challenge for us. We felt the bro-shake style and prominence needed plenty of tweaking so that added some extra rounds to get it just right. There were some issues with the shrink label. We imagined all of the light gray areas to be a spot gloss varnish but the printers right now can't pull it off. So we ended up labeling these for the initial canning run. Also a new addition to their labels was to add something that makes them different, The Hop Spanker. It's their patented dry hop device to get the most from the hops. No doubt it will be a game changer for these guys. \,,/ -_- \,,/

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