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06 - Refresh

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06 - Refresh interaction micro free gif gesture lottie pull refresh loading 50mi animation ui

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Week 2 is done! Happy Friday everyone!

I wanted to try and make a simple and elegant pull to refresh interaction. So here it is. Hope you like it!


The rules: Uploading three micro-interaction animations per week, I will only be using black, white, and grey (very select use of red for error states and the like). This will be not only for the challenge, but also to make sure the focus is on the interaction and animation. Also, I will be trying my best to make sure these animations are compatible with the Lottie library so they can be used in web/software projects easily.

Attached is a JSON file as well as the After Effects file for reference.

If you like this series hit that L and leave me a comment on any feedback you may have on these animations.

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