Eddie Lobanovskiy

Note 8 - The bomb.

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Note 8 - The bomb. boom explode iphone mobile app web landing advertising note s8 smasung

Hey guys, there were a few leaks of an upcoming Note 8 (if anyone here cares about tech) it looked pretty interesting so I went ahead and built a quick marketing campaign that would play off of last year's failure haha. 💥😜

While we all realize Apple's been working very hard on patching that 3.5mm audio jack by rebuilding their phones ground up - Samsung did bring a few cool tricks to the table. If you ever held their bezelless, super amoled display, VR ready, iris scanning, wireless charging etc devices next to an iPhone you'll know what I'm talking about... (if you're an open-minded person of course). As much as I hate Samsung's silly touchwiz or whatever they call their Android skin I must give them their very well deserved respect for pushing the tech boundaries. 🤜

Note: I'm not a Samsung user or fan, nor this shot is sponsored by them.

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