My Diet App Onboarding

Use case (People want to set their diet app preference)

Real world relation: (to make intuitive)
Weighing Scale
Height ruler

Login Concept:
The body builder lifting the login box/ Signup box

About you:
Weighing Scale increase is proportional to Mans width
Height ruler increases the man height
Gender slection in top morph girl to man

Just tried a gamified version.
Inspiration Collection:
Are you looking for a source of interaction design inspiration? Check out 100 Best Interaction collection where I publish all the best Designs for your inspiration.Get Inspired
Resources might be helpful to you

1.) Micro-Interaction tips youtube
2.) UI design tips youtube
3.) Process of Interaction design
4.) Case Studies and design tips
5.) Instagram updates

Posted on May 24, 2017
Johny vino™
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