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Girl in my University that I had my first crush on.
Unabridged Version
My friend tells me that the Chinese have garish taste in things. With most of the Chinese in the University wearing pinky pink shoes and adorning all the other colors of the rainbow that are obstructively bright and in weird combos, I too agree with it. They blend really poorly with the soft pale colour palette that British apparels have. But that was not the case with this girl. I first notice her in this cherry red jacket and dark blue jeans that I have drawn here. Her refined taste in apparels, not to mention the cute look :P, got my attention and I already had my first crush. I did try to strike a conversation with her a couple of times. But each time it was either abrupt or a total flop. To give you an idea of how it went, the last time I tried to strike a conversation I asked three questions, to all of which she had one word answers. I thought I had screwed it up with that conversation but she occasionally smiles at me when we make an eye contact. And I cannot make up what that is supposed to mean.

Current Status : Working on one-line pick up lines

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