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Introducing the TV noise texture set!

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Introducing the TV noise texture set! static textures noise sbh crt cyberpunk glitch noise pattern static pattern static television noise tv the shop

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Introducing The Shop's newest set of assets: the TV noise textures.

I got inspired by an old CRT TV set I recently put my hands on. I grabbed my trusted DSLR (Nikon D60), and started snapping photographs of the static patterns.

The resulting sixty-six (66!) images were lightly processed in Camera RAW (lens distortion, color correction, and straightening), for a giant collection of static motifs. The textures feature the noise seen from a typical viewing distance, from up close (revealing the mask), and from the side.

The images are on average 3789x2481 pixels in size @ 300 ppi. They will work wonders as noise textures (explore with overlay and soft light), or as stand-alone backgrounds.

You can see more details in the attachments, including two 100% zoom crops.

Oh, and you can see a high resolution gif of the static. It's either rather calming, or totally headache inducing, depending of your sensibilities.

You should grab these now, from my @Creative Market store.

Until next time, cheers!

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