David McLeod

Genesis / Megadrive (6 Button) Controller

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Genesis / Megadrive (6 Button) Controller genesis megadrive controller retro emulation openemu sega video games

I'll probably be tweaking this one off an on for a bit, but, I have gotten to that stage where I just need to step back and leave it alone for a while. (One part irks me... but I'll wait and see if it is mentioned)

Anyway, it is always a fun challenge trying to recapture the exact details of well known hardware we have all used, or have vivid memories of... I think this is close?.

People ask me about the release date of OpenEmu, so, I still won't say (thats suicide), but, it's seriously rough round the edges, but its getting there. Its at a happy stage of development :).

UPDATE: quick test playing around with the shine and luminosity of various elements... click this blue stuff.

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