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Rally's first product is about to launch (finally :P). It's a B2B product for data visualization on a globe. Any material; any visual design for the data; lighting and shading UI to help customize the look you want. Mars? Moon? Other planets? Sure, why not.

The marketing site development just started this week!

Follow along for launch here on Twitter

This is GlobeKit—

Real data can and should be beautiful as well as functional. GlobeKit is a highly customizable globe visualization platform built on OpenGL that can turn data into stunning interactive experiences.

Powerful Performance—

GlobeKit is built for performance. Constantly maintaining 60fps, the interface will never lag or feel sluggish to the viewer. It allows for powerful creative visualization without sacrificing performance or responsiveness.

Highly Customizable—

Our team can help customize GlobeKit to your specific visualization needs to ensure your data is represented in the most ideal way for your viewers.


GlobeKit is built to work across multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, macOS, Web / WebGL, Windows, Linux, and Raspberry PI.

Request a Quote—

GlobeKit is optimal for large companies with design and marketing needs when it comes to visualizing data across their platforms. Contact us to discuss your GlobeKit project and we’ll send you a customized estimate based on your needs.

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