02 The Slack Fund

02 The Slack Fund

Also worked with Slack to create a set of illustrations and tiny spots for the launch of the Slack Fund, an investment fund they set up for developers on using the API. We went with the idea of building blocks that come together to form larger, dynamic ecosystems (like a developer platform)!

This is actually semi-inspired by this old school Japanese architecture movement from the 70s called metabolism, which is the very idea of using many tiny cellular-like capsules to form larger megastructures. The most famous, quintessential example is the Nakagin Capsule Tower in Tokyo. Even though the trend itself actually ended up failing because of logistical inefficiencies (difficult to maintain) I love the designed spirit of it.

My process post: byalicelee.com/slackfund

See the live (animated!) project over at slack.com/fund!


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