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My Geometry box

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My Geometry box johnyvino clean ios app ux ui box geomentry ruler protractor pencil illustration

Use Story:

Steve is a school student he is super lethargic to bring the geometry box to his mathematics class, So he kicked out of the class every day. Finally, Steve got an idea to develop a mobile app which has the scale and protractor.

Pain points:

Most of the student carry the mobile phones to the college but they forgot to take the geometry box, this app will solve that problem


1. We can change from inch to cm
2. We can switch between ruler to area mode
3. We can have camera option in protractor mode. So that we can calculate the angles
4. If we click the plus button we can add the ruler length

Since the animation is fast, do check the attachment for further questions
Feedback are really appreciated :)
Software used: Sketch + Principle
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