From Concept to Life

Db   from concept to life

"A great planning helps you to achieve a great final product"

More about this project: In the middle of last year, we animated a series of videos that unfortunately didn't go forward. In order to not lose them, we decided to repurpose the content, removing the existing branding and adding a new meaning to it.

The learning we got from this was:
1. Repurpose work that didn't see the light of day. It's actually a great creative exercise!
2. It's incredible how much you evolve in a year. Taking a look at them today gives us a little cringe and a lot of happiness as we know we have improved our game significantly.

In the following days, We'll be sharing some previews of those 7 animations. Stay tuned!


This simple icon was inspired by the great work of our friend @Kyle Adams and his amazing icons and illustrations. Check him out!


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