Ñapindá is a Barbecue in La Paz, Bolivia that has as a differential the way in which the dishes are prepared. The challenge was to generate an identity and all the graphic assets from zero as well as a marketing strategy with low-budget.

Ñapindá is a kind of bush that grows in areas of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Uruguay. The relationship with the native and regional was a fundamental requirement in the name.

The Ñ is and always will be a standard of the spanish tounge and due to its pronunciation is one of the most used glyphs at the moment of adapt native words in Latin America. This is the origin of the logotype curves to go along with a heavy typography with good legibility in small sizes.

See the full Ñapinda portfolio here: www.ameba.com.uy/en/portfolio/parrillada-napinda/

Posted on May 8, 2017

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