Transit — Bus Booking App


Transit is an app that let’s you book and track Indian government and private buses conveniently. My role was to design a mobile booking interface with a robust user experience.

The Problem

Going to a bus stop and catching a bus might sound easy but it’s not really the case when it comes to public transportation. Even experienced travellers have issues when transiting through buses. If you’re at the right place at the right time and If you’ve a lot of luck, you can probably succeed in the task of getting a bus. An average Joe has probably no idea on when and where a bus would come to go to a certain place. And even when you’ve found the right bus you would also have to squint your eyes to read the very badly written board in front of the bus to know where it’s going. This system is not just outdated but it's designed poorly.

The Solution

The solution to this problem was to come up with a tool to elevate the user experience of travellers. To solve this I came up with the app ‘Transit’. The number of smartphone users in India is 340.2 million and is estimated to reach 467.9 million. So a smartphone app seemed ideal. ‘Transit' let’s users track and book buses with ease. All they have to do is enter their destination and they will have a list of buses that pass by their nearest bus stop. The user’s can also check the route list and pay within the app using their online wallet or their credit cards. Once the payment is processed they will get an e-ticket to show when they board the bus. Once booked they will be reminded when the bus nears the bus stop and will get major updates as well.

PS: This project had to be planned, tested and designed under 12 hours. Did this as part of a design sprint to come up with solutions to real life problems.

Posted on May 7, 2017

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