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Monkeyly logo animal brand branding chimp domain graphic flat grid identity logo mark monkey

Last time I've explored my player profile and now I find myself quite uninteresting without stories behind my shots. Probably, this is another unlucky shot, but I'll try to score two points at least.

Here is the logo design for monkeyly.com domain with the following description: "A fun, funky name that says monkey see monkey do", and possible uses such as playschool, indoor playground, kindergarten, cloud collaboration platform, cafe.

From my side, the task was to make the design rather simple and playful but versatile, based on the further possible uses of the brand name. What about the simple aspect, as you see, I've made the mark with the help of circles only. By using the solid, cheery and favourite font of mine ("Museo") I've added and assigned that playful feeling to the overall flat design. The monkey on the mark sees to the right and it means the right direction (psychologically) of further business — "monkey sees, monkey do".

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