33lab — Mobile Interface

33lab is a side project i’m working on with my dude Bastien Rigaud for Frenchship.

33lab is composed of four parts.

Mobile interface allows the user to browse 33lab sample marketplace everywhere. You can choose and visualize samples before buying them. You also can manage your samples collections and add them to your favorites.

Desktop interface is a more complete version of 33lab mobile version. Furthermore, users can also upload their samples and edit them.

Watch version is a very light version for two specific uses. You can play and preview your samples on your connected watch in order to listen them. They also can be used for switching between samples during audio visual live installations.

Audiovisual installation allows audio-visual lovers & producers to discover 33lab interactive visual & sonore live experience. They can choose and play all samples databases for an unique live experience with shapes projections and MIDI sound synchronized.
The aim of this installation is to immerse the user in an abstract visual and sound universe for a vibrant experience in a unique place.

Check full project on Behance

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